Few words about our services

Hard work and harsh conditions can make life miserable for you and your construction equipment.
CNH Original Parts can help. Keeping your high-tech workhorse up and running can mean the difference between being productive and just spinning your wheels. CNH Original Parts keep Case construction equipment on the job and working, day after day, year after year. When you’re looking for superior parts options to maximize the performance and lower the operating costs of your Case machinery, turn to CNH Original Parts to keep you equipped for success.

Trust Reman for the maintenance of your extractors and bring a second breathe to your machines’ life. Choosing the REMAN RANGE means having complete confidence that the components fitted on your vehicle will be as efficient as brand new units.

Thanks to the unrivalled know-how acquired over the last few decades, Case is the ideal partner for such a complex & sophisticated process. Cutting-edge technology, bespoke tooling & equipment and strenuous testing allow Case to remanufacture essential components of your vehicle to the highest standards, ensuring as-new quality. Case proposes a large range of remanufactured products to best suit your needs.